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"The rose I give out today will symbolize my whole heart." As they meet on a sweeping overlook with the Tahitian blue waters in the background, Roberto was sweating profusely, not knowing that his rival for Ali's affections, Chris Lambton, had already been sent home when Ali broke the Bachelorette script by eliminating him early. and you giving me the first impression rose, that was amazing," Roberto said as he met with Ali, ring in his pocket. "Thank you for being honest," Chris said, obviously stung by the revelation, but full of class as he wished Ali luck with Roberto."I'm going to miss you." During the "After the Final Rose" bonus hour of coverage following the season finale, Ali sported a huge engagement ring, and expressed disappointment that Frank, the bachelor who suddenly left after making the final three still couldn't confront her.Maybe that's why they're so laid back -- they've just come to terms with that fact that they'll always be the last to know everything. So, going into the finale, how do the final two gentlemen stack up? He popped early and Ali has seemed smitten with him since. Thank you for that callback to their stage debut, ABC.The baseball uniform only solidified her schoolgirl crush. Well played. Ali asks Roberto, IN SPANISH, if he'll accept the final rose. "Time for the final rose...updates will be less frequent because these specials are mostly just recaps.After a season of surprises, good and bad, Bachelorette Ali will finally narrow her field of future husbands down to one tonight.Will it be sexy salsa dancer Roberto or quiet romantic Chris?Also, Sean dishes why he is choosing abstinence until marriage. 🙂First up, Ali's interview with the girls of A Drink With is really genuine and telling, especially whether she thinks the show is a good way to find your soul mate.It hits on everything from her past career at Facebook to what it's like dealing with reality fame, as well as her new gig hosting NBC's 1st Look.

No matter how devastating it may be for them (and us), how do they still manage to come out of the break-up strong?The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky chose suave Roberto Martinez in the season finale for the 2010 edition of the ABC reality show, casting aside speculation that she would walk away from the show single once again.Roberto beat out the other 25 bachelors on the first night they all met Ali by securing the coveted first-impression rose on the season premiere, and he was the last man holding a rose at the season finale -- a perfect bookend to their romance.And he got down on one knee to propose to Ali in Bora Bora, Tahiti at the final rose ceremony. "I have to let you go here and not wait till tomorrow."I'm in love with Roberto and that feels so good," Ali said just before the proposal. I want to make you smile." Typically, the final two bachelors must face the humiliation of the final rose ceremony where rings are presented, and rejections are delivered. I didn't want to put you through tomorrow." Though disappointed, Chris expressed his gratitude for sparing him the humiliation of getting down on one knee.

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