Dating count up generator

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The device should fit in 10x60x40mm (display included).60x40mm is loose and could be little bigger but 10mm thick is important.

For the microcontroller I suggest a TI MSP430, which has an LCD driver on-chip, and consumes just a few µA when running at 32.768 k Hz.Simply enter the date and time of a future event and the countdown creator will generate a timer that will begin counting down to the event's date and time.And not only will the calculator count down the time in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, but it will also give the total time stated in each of the latter time units.The only time the functions update the data is when the Google Sheet is opened.This isn't particularly helpful so we've written a script that updates the data in the Google Sheet every hour, even when the Google Sheet is closed.

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