Who has audrey tautou dating

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We have a lot of faults, which I try to hide with my professionalism.” Tautou purses her lips in mischievous delight.

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She shrugs, pouts, rolls her eyes, utters “ooh la la” in her thickest, sultriest French-accented English. “Because I don’t do five films a year, people maybe think that acting is not essential to my life.French actress who made a splash in "Amélie" in 2001.With her young round face, big brown eyes, and shy smile, she presented an endearing portrait of a young woman who brings sunshine into others' lives.A film that makes you want to rush off to Paris and fall in live. It reminded me, at least in tone, of the Claude Le Louch film And Now My Love. Audrey Tautou (AT): Well, I really liked how the writer told the story. The fact that he was able to keep the humor, the spontaneity and the sensitivity in film that was so dramatic and really, about such a big event. As good fortune would have it, I had chance to talk with Tautou about the film a couple weeks back, and she is just as delightful in person as she is on film. And I really liked how we are always on the edge of sadness and lightness and love. I don’t want to give anything away, but the final scene was simply magical in my mind. I think it was very brave for a first time director to propose such an ending. I mention this because one of my favorite scenes didn’t involve you.

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